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Bitumen emulsion millBitumen Colloid mill More Bitumen plants for Bitumen Milling / Bitumen emulsion colloid mill / Bitumen Homgoenizing please send email to : email& 160;protected Related Product

Bls Stainless Steel Laboratory Bitumen Emulsion Colloid Mill

Patent of laboratory bitumen emulsion colloid mill : T he colloid mill in Our factory has been applied all new technology which has won national invention patent N o. 200510123583.8 the international appli ion patent PCT/CN2006/001481 greatly extend the service life of the colloid mill and improve the quality of the colloid mill products.

Studies of the microstructure of -modified bitumen

the bitumen emulsion by using four different addition methods and all emulsions were processed with a conven-tional colloid mill. The emulsion binder films were studied after evaporation of the emulsion aqueous phase. We show how the microstructure and distribution of the varies within the bitumen binder depending on latex

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We assemble our PMB – modifi ion plants and plants for bitumen emulsion production with mills depending on unit capacity. Colloid mills and their modifi ions are applied in: machine-building industry – for production of lubri ing and cooling emulsions lubricants process mediums for cooling in heat intensive processes.

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In bitumen emulsions the basic bitumen has also been diluted in order to facilitate appli ion. Hot bitumen water and emulsifier are processed in a high-speed colloid mill that disperses the bitumen in the water. The emulsifier produces a system in which fine droplets of bitumen of between 30 % and 80 % of the volume are held in

Modified Bitumen Plant UMB-6 - oilfiltration

Colloid mill. Consists of steel case with a heating jacket. The gap between rotor and stator is adjustable. Mill’s output is connected to reactor block and input is connected to bitumen pump. Colloid mill is powered with asynchronous electric motor 45 kW 3000 RPM . Oil heater . Comprises 24 oil heating elements. Oil is used to heat all

DenimoTech A/S: Colloid Mills

Colloid Mills Better mills make better plants Our latest mill for bitumen emulsion production originally designed in collaboration with Akzo Nobel broadens the range of bitumen that can be successfully emulsified and improves the stability and quality of the emulsion.


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Even if the exact mechanisms of bitumen droplet break-up and coalescence in a colloid mill is still not fully known Ajour 1977 Durand 1994 Gingras et al. 2005 PMB droplets are harder to deform than normal bitumen.

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Colloid Mills – Bergkamp Bituminous Solutions equipment sets the standard for precision and quality in the industry. Available for both asphalt emulsion and ModifiedAasphalt our mills are available in a variety of layouts and options. Find the best product solutions for your need. Modified Asphalt Blending Mills

Big Colloidal Mill CLM-18 Grinding Machine / Milling Machine

The CLM mill and its modifi ions are used in: road-construction industry for bitumen modifi ion 10 Bitumen modifi ion is a process most often used in the production of high quality materials for road construction and repair of highways as well as roofing. by s etc for producing anionic 11 The term anionic bitumen emulsion is

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Colloid Mill Bitumen Emulsion Motor Manufacturer F. We are offering bitumen emulsion colloid mill unit to our is widely used in fine chemicals petrochemicals pesticides biochemical pharmacticals daily chemicals food industry paint and ink papermaking etc industry details duty high shear homogenization of bitumen emulsion liquids bitumen

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The size of the particles is defined by the colloid mill the duration of the component’s presence in the mill concentration and type of emulsifier and the temperature of the emulsifi ion. The viscosity of bitumen during emulsifi ion should not exceed 500 cSt. If this parameter is not met bitumen must be heated before entering the mill.

Bitumen Emulsion Process - GlobeCore Bitumen Emulsion.

Bitumen Emulsion Process. In practice a special device known as colloid mill is used to obtain bitumen emulsions. The bitumen emulsion process is as follows: The hot bitumen and water phase mixture passes between the rotor and the fixed stator of the colloid mill.

DenimoTech A/S: Bitumen Emulsion Plants

DenimoTECH’s bitumen emulsion plants have a colloid mill at their heart. These mills are of the highest quality alloys and produce ionic anionic and non-ionic emulsions. The electrical charges of these emulsions bind tightly with the charge of the road and ground surface.

Globecore equipment for bitumen emulsion production 2016

The two-stream system reduces the load on the colloid mills and increases their service life. Max production capacity m3/hour 20 Amount of per 1 m3 of bitumen 10-60 Amount of plasticizer per 1 m3 10-100 Adhesion additive per 1 m3 of bitumen liters max 10 Mode of operation Continuous Power kW - mill 2x55

Modified Bitumen UVB-2 Small Plant production - Globecore

The UVB-2 bitumen modifi ion 1 modifi ion of bitumen is the incorporation of s in bitumen by mechanical mixing or chemical reaction. plant is designed for modifi ion of bitumen by adding s adhesion additives and plasticizers into viscous road construction bitumen.

UMPB-8P modified bitumen continuous unit 8 m3 per hour

The bitumen pump pos. 1 takes the required amount of bitumen from the line A mixing it with plasticizer supplied by pump pos. 7. The bitumen with plasticizer are uniformly mixed passing through hydrodynamic mixer pos. 2 and go to the colloid mill pos. 3 where powder or pelletized SBS is added to the mix by a weight portioner pos. 6.

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During production of bitumen emulsion hot bitumen 90-100ºС and emulsifier solution are supplied into the milling machine. As noted above the colloid mill is a wet milling devices which means that mixed solid and liquid components can be sent into the mill.

Laboratory scale modified bitumen plant type UMBL - GlobeCore

UMBL bitumen modifi ion laboratory unit is designed for preparation modified bitumen samples no more than 12 liters per cycle . The unit employs continuous stream mixing for modified bitumen preparation with simultaneous dispersion of bitumen and i.e. in mil . The design allows addition of liquid components in the process of modified bitumen preparation. The unitRead More

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In contrast to other s used for bitumen modifi ion e. g. SBS Synthomer dispersions can easily be added to bitumen emulsions via a colloid mill or by post addition. It is also possible to blend our latex into hot bitumen. The range of binders for bitumen modifi ion is complemented by Synthomer’s special thickeners. For

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The colloid mill is designed so that grinding and homogenization occurs in one pass through the mill and the fineness of grinding is regulated by changing the gap between the rotor and the stator. The UVB-2 is designed specifically for bitumen modifi ion and can be used to implement any modifi ion process operating with all known

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The Chemicolloid Laboratories Inc. has been the sole manufacturer of the Charlotte Colloid Mills since 1924. We serve the international marketplace with mills for the food pharmaceutical cosmetic petrochemical grease asphalt and textile industries just to name a few.

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PUC colloid mills - overview Colloid mill type O Vertical enclosed motor in-line and batch operation seven sizes up to 34000 l/h Colloid mill type E Horizontal or vertical in-line and batch operation six sizes up to 34000 l/h Colloid mill type EL Horizontal in-line operation standard motors eight sizes up to 80000 l/h

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In the colloid mill energy is applied to the system by passing the colloid mill mixture of hot bitumen Inline Emulsion Plant and water phase between r fie er si iliz ul a rotating disc cone or ab id em ac bitumen solvent emulsion st flywheel and a stator.

PMB – Modified Bitumen Marini

The quality of the mill is essential for ensuring a high quality final product and for this reason a 160 kW high shear mill is advisable which guarantees the production of modified bitumen with just a single-passage modifi ion process for high percentages 2 passes are recommended . Under PLC surveillance while P2 pumps out existing

Inline bitumen modifi ion plant UVB-2 production capacity

Main components of Modified Bitumen Plant are three static mixers and colloid mill especially designed and optimized for modified bitumen. Together they produce a fine and narrow particle size distribution which builds viscosity and improves storage stability. The mill is furnished with frequency control for speed variability.

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This can be accomplished with the aid of a colloid mill or a rotor and stator. The process of shearing or “cutting” bitumen into microscopic particles happens in specialized plants that usually have a colloid mill to create these droplets that are smaller than the average 70 to 100 microns of thickness of a human hair.