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Tungsten Carbide WC Vanadium Carbide VC and/or Chromium Carbide Cr 3 C 2 with a Cobalt Co binder. Synonyms Carbide Tungsten Carbide Hard Metal Cemented Carbide Cermet Carbide Pre-forms. Recommended Product Use / Restrictions on Use Product Use

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VC Vanadium Carbide Powderdensity:5.41g/cm3 melting point: 2800 Cboiling point:3900℃.English name:vanadium carbide powderCAS NO.:12070-10-9Molecular formula:VCgray-black powder.With NaCl typecrystalline constant is 4.182Ahas good chemical stability and high temperature property.Used in hard thin filmstarget materialwelding materialsprayingcutting toolssteel-making industry

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Stoody Vancar E is a coated fabri ed electrode that contains specially formulated vanadium tungsten carbide particles approximately equal to tungsten carbide in hardness but at only half the density.

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and vanadium oxide were used to synthesize tungsten and vanadium carbide nanopowders. The usage of oxide precursors is likely to improve the economics of the process. Further

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Ab initio total energy calculations are performed on non-stoichiometric vanadium carbide with supercells representing vacancy concentrations of V C <SUB>0.875</SUB> and V C <SUB>0.75</SUB>. The V C <SUB>0.875</SUB> supercell retains a cubic symmetry whilst in the case of the V C <SUB>0.75</SUB> supercell C vacancies lo ed in close proximity have the lowest energy configuration and the cubic

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POLYVAN O is an iron based metal cored wire designed to produce weld deposits containing vanadium tungsten carbides. These carbides form during solidifi ion of the weld puddle and are evenly dispersed throughout a tough austenitic matrix. POLYVAN O’s wear resistance is higher than that of chromium carbide but less than tungsten carbide.


cobalt tantalum titanium vanadium and chromium in solutions of tungsten carbide. The main advantage of the method described here lies in the speed convenience and effectiveness of the dissolution procedure. Aliquots ofpowdered tungsten carbide are dissolved in 5% aqua regia in 30% hydrogen peroxide.

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This hardness allows tungsten carbide tools to cut almost all other materials with ease and allows for high-speed tooling. Some important appli ions of tungsten carbide are cutting tools ammunition mining and drilling nuclear recreational sports surgical instruments jewelry and many more appli ions.

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Vanadium carbide chemical formula VC relative atomic weight 62.95 carbon containing 19.08% gray metal powder is a sodium chloride type cubic crystal lattice constant 4.182 Å with good chemical stability and high temperature performance.

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Vanadium is a highly reactive metal hence it is not found free in nature. Vanadium can be found in almost 65 different types of minerals. Tungsten element has the second highest melting point.

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Vanadium carbide powder also called VC powder Applies in flinty domains and so on thin film target material welding material hard alloy cermet aerospace.May improve the hard alloy as the hard alloy and cermet& 39;s chemical additive each performance

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A vanadium-tungsten carbide hardfacing alloy for extreme abrasion is available as an open-arc welding wire. Postalloy PS-150 is a tubular metal-cored hardfacing wire that provides a dense heterogeneous deposit of vanadium-tungsten carbides resulting in a very good combination of abrasion and impact resistance that is superior to chromium-carbide hardfacing alloys.

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Common alloys have between 2% and 18% tungsten by weight along with small amounts of molybdenum and vanadium which together create an alloy with exceptional heat corrosion and wear resistance. Tungsten is one of the oldest elements used for alloying steel. It forms a very hard carbide and iron tungstite.

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Pure tungsten can easily cut down with the help of hacksaw. Vanadium is a highly reactive metal hence it is not found free in nature. Vanadium can be found in almost 65 different types of minerals.

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The four major alloying elements that form carbides in tool steel are: tungsten chromium vanadium and molybdenum. The two materials from which most cutting tools are made are carbide and high speed steel HSS . High Speed Steel is a high carbon tool steel containing lots of tungsten and cobalt and is rich in molybdenum tungsten and vanadium.

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HER alysts in acidic condition among which tungsten carbide displayed the best alytic performance and even better than molybdenum carbide.16 VB metal carbides espe-cially vanadium carbides VC V 8C 7 have attracted extensive attention due to their higher natural abundance and lower cost

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Tungsten carbide is the hardest metallic substance yet made tungsten 4 per cent chromium I per cent vanadium and from .50 to .80 of 1 per cent carbon.

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The growth rate of the tungsten carbide particles can be controlled by adding other transition metal carbides including vanadium carbide VC chromium carbide Cr3C2 titanium carbide TiC tantalum carbide TaC and niobium carbide NbC .

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Another vanadium emission line at 290.88 nm was recommended by Thompson and Walsh 1983 for the measurement ofvanadium in soils. Since there are three tungsten emission lines at . 290.840 . nm 290.849 nm and 290.912 nm Harrison 1969 which may interfere when vanadium in tungsten carbide is measured this line was not evaluated.

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Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy ICP-OES was used to measure the concentrations of cobalt tantalum titanium vanadium and chromium in solutions of tungsten carbide. The main advantage of the method described here lies in the speed convenience and effectiveness of the dissolution

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What is carbide? Did you know that it is technically incorrect to refer to carbide as just “carbide”? All carbides are a composite containing carbon and one other ingredient usually a super hard metal like titanium vanadium or tungsten. So “carbide” is wrong whereas “tungsten carbide” or “titanium carbide” is correct.

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Ferro-Chrome Ferro-Niobium Ferro-Tungsten Ferro-Molybdenum Ferro-Titanium Ferro-Vanadium Ferro-Zirconium Ferro-Boron Tungsten Carbide Powders Titan produces powders from 400 microns to 15 microns 40 mesh to 635 mesh.

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Tungsten Carbide has a high melting point 2870 C 5200 F is also extremely hard Vickers hardness number = 2242 and has a low electrical resistivity 2×10−7 Ohm m compared to other metals e.g. vanadium 2×10−7 Ohm m . Rockwell Hardness The hardness of Tungsten Carbide grades is determined by using the Rockwell hardness

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Not quite as hard as vanadium but the WC tungsten carbide can be cut with silicon carbide stones especially if SiC is all you have and you want a more refined edge. CPM M4 is one of my favorites. A nice combo of alloying. 1.4Carbon 4.0Vanadium 5.5Tungsten 5.2Moly 4.0Chromium The wear resistance will come primarily from the vanadium carbide

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tungsten carbide - about 110 W/ m*K vanadium - 31 W/ m*K the material is suitable for the heatbreak like titan 22 W/ m*K less for a nozzle. I would recommend: E3D X nozzle tungsten carbide not alloy or a nickel plated copper nozzle. To print PLA a simple E3D brass nozzle is sufficient.

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Vanadium pentoxide and WO3 are the main materials used for carbon reducing agent in accordance with a certain proportion mixed after reduction and WC carbonation reaction of vanadium. Appli ions: Carbide material additives. Specifi ion:

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geological purposes. Tungsten carbide compounds are also known as hardmetals. The properties of hardmetals are affected by cobalt concentration and the impurities present in the material.2 Other metals such as tantalum titanium vanadium and chromium are added to tungsten carbide for various reasons but mainly to inhibit grain growth.3

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Vanadium carbide is the inorganic compound with the formula V C. It is an extremely hard refractory ceramic material. With a hardness of 9-9.5 Mohs it is possibly the hardest metal-carbide known. It is of interest because it is prevalent in vanadium metal and alloys. Structure and preparation

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Tool steels contain elements such as chromium molybdenum tungsten and vanadium. These elements combine with the excess carbon to form chromium carbides tungsten carbides vanadium carbides etc. These carbide particles are microscopic in size and constitute from less than 5% to over 20% of the total volume of the microstructure of the steel.