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Pockie Ninja is a ninja RPG game based off the Naruto and Bleach mangas and animations published in Japan. While Pockie Ninja is not an official Naruto or Bleach product i.e. illegal in every sense of the word it is an enjoyable game quickly gaining steam and a following of more than 300000.

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Costumes in Pockie Ninja is not simply a clothe show they will change player’s attributes skills and equipments providing a list of class options for players to chooses. – Ninjutsu Skill: Pockie Ninja has a diversified skill system including Fire Release Water Release Earth Release Wind Release Thunder Release Vitality Seal Ninja

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Naruto and Bleach inspired webgame Pockie Ninja will be rolling out the massive Shippuden expansion on September 9 th. The expansion will introduce a host of new content to the popular free-to-play MMO including new characters outfits events and storyline quests to follow. Shippuden focuses on the introduction of the Akatsuki a group of

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Features. - Punisher Build Good Strength and Stamina BMV with great growth rates on all stats . - Pain& 39;s BMVs are great because they all go above average You can almost do any build that. you want for this set of well rounded BMVs But for this guide we will go for punisher build because Pain is also one of the best Punishers around.

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Pockie ninja Seal Breaker – facebook pc mmorpg. Pockie ninja How To Get Seal Breaker. now Seal Breaker only can buy on Mystery merchent for 2 gold but if you VIP member you can buy it for 1 gold …

Pockie Ninja PN II and Original: Character Skill Builds

but when you reach level 26 in Pockie Ninja things will start to go slow the village character outfit equipments stats that you chose will greatly affect the outcome of your battles. Good luck playing your favorite online browser game Important Note: - The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja II and Pockie Ninja II Original .

Pockie Ninja: Guren Skill Build Stats and Pets - UrGameTips

Pockie Ninja Guides. This guide is only limited to character skill build stats and pets recommendations gathered observations and suggestions from players around Pockie Ninja Note that there is no best build it& 39;s all about your playing style and preferences Share them here at urgametips.com too

Pockie Ninja: 4th Hokage Skill Build Stats and Pets - UrGameTips

Features. - Speedster Build Good Agility BMV and Growth Rate - 4th Hokage outfit can increase proc-rates of wind skills to over 30% - Quickstep: A key skill of 4th Hokage that will give you a chance to do an additional attack. before your turn but reducing all attack damages to 65%.