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main object clause To promote systematic development of various mines with a view to conserve the mineral wealth of the nation. To purchase take on lease or otherwise acquire any mines mining rights and Metalliferous land in the state of Maharashtra or elsewhere and any interest therein and to explore work exercise develop and turn

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b to search survey discover and find out and the acquire by concession grant purchase barter lease license degrees and tenders the allotment or otherwise of land or water area from government semi-government local authorities private bodies corporations and other persons such rights powers and privileges whatsoever for obtaining

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6. To carry on the business of contractors sub-contractors quasi contractors whether for government or for semi government bodies or corporation or company or society or body corporate or firms or individuals or schools or clubs or other bodies or private works and to undertake contracts and sub contracts relating to the above objects. 7.

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Companies main objects at one place - SlideShare. Feb 13 2014 Companies main objects at one place for all type of industries you will get the of object clauses in the Memorandum of Association Advertising and public which may be usefully carried on with the business of the company. stores and spares agricultural mining industrial and other machines and all


B OBJECTS INCIDENTAL OR ANCILLARY TO THE ATTAINMENT OF THE MAIN OBJECTS: 1. To enter into contracts agreements and arrangements with any other company firm or person for the carrying out by such other company firm or person on behalf of the Company of the objects for which the Company is formed. 2.

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the objects of a mining company must still be stated in the memorandum by in an objects clause were expressed in a series of paragraphs and some to express the main object the others were treated as being merely ancillary to the main.

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Main objects of minerals and metal company Home Main objects of minerals and metal company To buy take on lease or under a licence concession grant or otherwise acquire mines mining rights in any land or other place and metalliferious land and any interest there in and to explore work develop turn to account the same.